SugarSync sucks

Just a quick update on SugarSync: it sucks! I wrote a more ambivalent blog post about it earlier, then I wrote about some serious synching problems (that seem to be fixed by now), but I have been annoyed again and again by this service that I just want to air my discontent here once again and say that I just think that the only reason that I have still not uninstalled it is its ability to sync whichever folder you chose, rather having to move everything to a designated folder like in dropbox and google drive. There is really no other reason (perhaps some laziness to change stuff on various computers).

To be a bit more precise,here is what annoyed me today: firstly, there is the android app, which is rather buggy or at least it often does not react to me tapping on some button. But secondly, and more importantly, I just found out that I can see neither my mobile phone nor my iPad on my PC. I added both of those devices to Sugarsync some weeks or even months ago and they do show up on the sugarsync website, but for some reason I cannot see or access them through the SugarSync client on my PC. This thread in the SygarSync User forum indicates that there is some bug, but apparently they have not managed to find it since more than a month…

Well, as I said: if you are wondering if you should try SugarSync: don’t bother. Try out Google Drive instead and tell us your experiences below (I havn’t really used it yet).


9 thoughts on “SugarSync sucks

  1. I had a terrible time with sugarsync as well and would not recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and easy backup solution. I was a long time user, over 4 years and liked the convenience of it. A couple of things happened that made me change my mind:

    – was unable to retrieve all my data from the service. I guess I was a power user with 500gb of data, and I was only able to get 250gb. I contacted support, sent in logs, updated several times, reinstalled several more, but sugarsync would never download the remainder of my data.

    – credit card expired, and I was giving the sophies choice of deleting all my data and starting from scratch with a new free account, or deleting all my data. I was pretty sure I responded to their request to update my cc in time, but too bad for me it didn’t work out. Good by photos and videos! This was needless to say a very traumatic experience for my wife.

    In the end I am very sad that sugarsync ended up being a terrible choice for backing up my data. perhaps if you have small amounts of data it will work better. However, part of the draw for me was having the ability to back up multiple photos, etc from multiple computers and set and forget it knowing it would be secure. In the end, it wasn’t. If one is looking for a backup solution, make sure there is a way to get the data off. These kind of services I have found are very good at getting data on them, after all they charge by the pound, but I am very wary now of what it takes to get the data off. I would be more inclined to go with a service that would say send me a harddrive rather than rely solely on the ability to download.

    In the end though, it looks like you have to backup your backup, and for the price sugarsync charges it isn’t worth it.

    • Thanks for sharing that experience with us. I’m happy to say that my negative experience does not go as far (and I hope it never will). The only think I have been annoyed by during the last few days is that my sugarsync keeps displaying the “sync in progress” icon in the task bar but when I open the transfer status, there is nothing to down- or upload. I took it as yet another indicator that they are saving money in the wrong place. That’s why I use Sugarsync only to sync my collection of pdf articles and scanned books. Nothing irreplacable in case things get worse.

      • yep, I agree. I had the sync in progress thing stuck at 250GB for 2 months before they locked me out and deleted all my items. Very disappointing and disappointing. Such a great idea and the quality has dropped tremendously in the past year. Such a shame.

  2. SugarSync may terminate your Paid Account or your Group Account (i) effective as of the end of the then-current Subscription Period for any reason or no reason and without liability to you; and (ii) without cause during the Subscription Period provided that SugarSync returns a pro rata portion of the Subscription Fee to the party who has paid for the account.

    Sounds Legit.

  3. Yeah, I agree, long time user here also, pretty much since they started, but it has just gone really bad the last few months, nothing works, wait days for syncs to finish, some files get synced some don’t, really really flakey, it’s just got to the point where I am going to drop it and live the single folder of Google Drive, which is cheaper anyways and tests I did generally syncs faster.

  4. I had an even more severe issue. I prepared a large project written in LaTeX and containing several subdocuments. At some point I realized that SugarSync first sync my files, but then copied OLD FILES back to my system, replacing already updated files! I realized this because my text editor kept asking me “The file on disk has changed. Do you want to reload it?”
    I reported the bug already at the beginning of this year, but never got a reply.

    • Yes, I also received that email in which sugarSync announces that there will be no more free plan from February 2014 or so. They try to catch you by offering a 75 percent discount for the forst year, but no thanks. This means I’m getting rid of sugarsync alltogether.

  5. More recently, sugarsync has stopped syncing correctly and it is near impossible to get active help from the company, although I pay ~$100 per year. It is causing a lot of aggravation.
    I am running multiple Mac computers with the latest operating system. In stead of syncing a file between computers, it is creating a new file for every change.

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