Google scholars disappeared from Google bar

Do you also do a general google search before consulting more specific Google engines? I do! And Until recently Google made it easy to resubmit a search term to Google scholar: you just clicked on the “more” button on the Google top bar and selected “scholar”. This option has recently disappeared and I really hate it because now I have to copy the search term, enter “”, paste the search term and resubmit it. I’m not the only one annoyed with this, as you can see here, and I really hope that Google is going to reconsider that decision which seems to suggest that Google is not really interested in academics or – even worse – Google believes that the average user is not interested in academic texts.

If you want to tell Google that you are not happy with that decision, you can tell them here and here.

Meanwhile, you might want to try the scholarfy bookmarklet provided by Johan Ungander. Or if you use chrome, this plugin may be of interest. Or if you’d like to use the opportunity to try something completely new, have a look at Microsoft Academic Research.

BTW: I believe that Some time ago it was even possible to redirect a google search to Google Books, also through a link in the Google bar, but that one also seems to have disappeared. 😦



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